Who needs an inspection?

Home buyers and sellers are advised to have a complete inspection of the property. If you are buying a home, the inspection will tell you the condition of the home. This will ensure that you are making a wise investment and leave little room for surprises down the road. A home inspection can potentially save you thousands of dollars in future repairs and allows you to negotiate with the seller while you are in your period of due diligence.

For home sellers, a home inspection will inform you of any potential issues that may come up during the sale of the property and give you time to correct them. You will also be able to compare your inspection report with the buyers’ inspection.

What does an inspection cover?

A home inspection covers the entire structure of the home and all systems. This means I will be walking the entire property, inspecting the shingles and vents on the roof and drainage systems, army crawling through the entire crawlspace, checking every outlet, window and door. Testing all of the appliances. Removing the furnace cover and filters so I can inspect the heat exchanger and duct work. I will inspect the wiring on each of the circuit breakers and carefully walk the ceiling joists to in the attic to make sure it is structurally sound and there are no leaks. This is but a small list of the comprehensive standard of practice. Please visit the “Standards of Practice” page for a complete breakdown of the items inspected.

How long does an inspection take?

An inspection takes two to four hours depending on the size and condition of the home and the number of services you have requested. I will inspect the home thoroughly, giving very close attention to detail, to ensure you are aware of any defects or potential problems.

Should I be present at the inspection?

Yes, I recommend that you plan to be present for the inspection. This will allow me to walk you through the home and point out the issues that I find. All defects will be clearly defined in the inspection report, but seeing them first hand gives you a deeper understanding of what the problems are and what it will take to correct them. Walking through the home together offers the opportunity for you to understand the unique characteristics and systems of your home.

What type of report will I receive?

You will receive a same-day digital report complete with videos and pictures of my findings. Each comment includes an explanation of the issue or defect, detailing out why it is an issue and what type of service professional you need to contact to have it corrected. Each comment is color coded (red, blue, or green) to delineate the severity or urgency needed to correct the issue.

Why can’t I do the inspection myself?

Though you or a friend or family member may be familiar with home construction, chances are you do not have the training, knowledge and experience of a Certified Home Inspector. I am trained in building science and know how the systems of a home work and how they need to be maintained. I also know what to look for to determine if these systems are about to fail. Additionally, buying or selling a home can be an emotional time and it is often difficult to remain completely objective about the house. I offer an unbiased and factual assessment of the property.